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The indescribable power of a marathon-NYC 2013

The indescribable power of a marathon-NYC 2013

It is impossible not to be moved by a vision of runners pursuing a very determined goal. At first you arrive to cheer the marathon runners on, but soon you are immersed in an energy that can only be described as strength. The rhythm of the runners creates an amazing visceral experience: vivid colors, perfect syncopation, faces smiling, sweating, a joyous yet tense scene – but most of all a purposeful event.

I am convinced that what keeps the runners going is not only the hard training, but all the energy that lives along the route of the runners. The streets are lined with people coming together to commemorate, inspire and live the magical moment with the runners. Policemen and fireman guard the course with pride and resilience. There is screaming, cheering, signs, food -every reminder for the runners to see that they are not alone. As an observer, you can almost feel the invisible hands of the people along the streets giving every runner a little soft push and as a return the energy from the runners’ fills the street with an indescribable power.

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November 4, 2013 by eStock Travel

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