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Washington, D.C’s National Mall and Memorial Park

Washington, D.C’s National Mall and Memorial Park

A tranquil walk through Washington, D.C’s National Mall and Memorial Park during the Cherry Blossom Season, is not only a mark of spring but a way to remind ourselves of the great sacrifice that has been made by those who have fought for our freedoms and the pursuit of happiness.

Following the path from the Washington Monument to the Capitol Building and surrounding grounds, we are reminded of President Washington’s battles, Lincoln’s efforts to abolish slavery, our young brave soldiers resting in Arlington Cemetery, Martin Luther King’s activism and his indelible mark on equality. There are many more significant monuments, memorials and symbols of history along the path. Each one in one way or another adds to the richness and fabric of our country’s history and is a “small” symbolism of gratitude for those that helped safeguard the liberties and progress of our country.

The privilege of living in a “Free” country and the plight to achieve it, is the ultimate message represented by the many monuments, memorials, gardens and historic sites of Washington DC.



Washington DC, Tidal Basin with Washington Monument during Cherry Blossom festival



Washington DC, Arlington National Cemetery


Washington DC, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial



Washington DC, Lincoln Memorial

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May 15, 2013 by eStock Travel

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