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St. Patrick’s Day- Celebrating traditions.

St. Patrick’s Day- Celebrating traditions.

March 17th commemorates the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is said to have died in the year 460 AD. It is not only a day to commemorate St. Patrick, but a day where Irish traditions, culture and heritage are celebrated.
There are several theories and myths regarding St. Patrick’s life, but it is widely understood that he was taken prisoner as a teenager from Britain by Irish pirates and brought to Ireland, where he was enslaved as a shepherd. He worked long hard hours and was alone the majority of time. In order to find solace he developed a connection with the land, and took refuge in his religion. In a dream he heard the voice of an “angel” telling him to flee Ireland. With great endurance he managed to escape and return to Britain where he engaged in religious training. After another revelation, he returns to Ireland as a missionary. His previous connection to the land, and his respect for the traditions of the Irish allowed him to make a deep and permanent impact on their culture and religious beliefs.

St. Patrick’s Day is not only for those of Irish decent. It is an opportunity for all to learn about Ireland’s traditions and to appreciate the differences and likenesses we all share. Ireland is home to some of the best story tellers and poets that have ever lived. Interestingly many of them write about or have found clarity within the mountains, valleys and cliffs of this majestic island. Cavehill in Belfast is thought to be the inspiration for Jonathan Swift’s giant in “Gulliver’s Travels”. W.B Yeats poems reflecting celtic themes and Irish folklore are set in the country’s landscape. His fairies, witches, warlocks, leprechauns and giants all come to life in the castles and ocean cliffs that seem to be carved out by mystical creatures hidden in the land.

Regardless of how the day is celebrated, whether attending church, walking along the parade, reading a wonderful Irish Poem, browsing through wonderful images of Ireland, having a cold beer in a traditional pub, let’s respect all traditions and share the joy of the Irish on this special day.


St Patricks Day Parade, New York City, 5th Avenue


United Kingdom, UK, Northern Ireland, Antrim, Great Britain, View of the ruins of Dunluce Castle, dramatically perched on a clifftop near Bushmills village along the Causeway Coast


Ireland, Wicklow, Glendalough, Glendalough’s old cemetery and the 33 meters high Round Tower

Enjoy some images that reflect the beauty of Ireland, its landmarks and traditions

March 18, 2014 by estock photo

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